Historical physics papers

The purpose of this Wiki is to provide on-line translations of a few historical physics papers into English. In addition, I will add a few in-text links to appropriate reference sites. Talk pages may be used for short commentaries.

As for now, anyone is allowed to improve and add texts, and this is even strongly encouraged.
We may however restrict access and even delete content that we do not find appropriate for this Wiki.

Translation work can greatly be helped by such tools as Babelfish, Google translate and Systran. Especially when used in combination, these tools allow even people without language or specialist expertise to start rough translations. In a next step, the grammar can be improved and interpretation errors corrected by others.

The first two papers of this collection are related to what became known as the "Twin paradox", which is concerned with the debate if acceleration is "absolute" (according to Langevin in 1911) or "relative" (according to Einstein in 1918). The final "Lorentz transformations" were first presented by Poincare 1905.

To add:

- Full translation of Sagnac 1913 (2 artices) http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k31103/f1410.table

For useful links to historical papers, see also:

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